The biography of Dana Telsey

There are a lot of people that have very important functions and appear on television only on important matters. Completely different from actors of pop stars, you don't hear a lot of things about them in the media because they are busy with their jobs.
Dana Telsey was born in New York City in 1962, but we do not know many things about her childhood. Several members of her family worked in the fashion industry and her family also had a book store on the famous Madison Avenue. After finishing high school, Dana Telsey went to study at Hobart-William Smith College where she graduated in the summer of 1984. Soon after, she decided to go for an M.B.A. degree at the Fordham University. An interesting thing is the fact that her mother obtained Dana the first job when she met an old neighbor that agreed to hire her at Barron Capital. After she proved her skills, Dana was promoted and she became the Vice President of the Barron Asset Fund. Between 1991 and 1994, she worked as an analyst at a company named CJ Lawrence. For the following two years, she was the Senior Managing Director for Bear Stearns. In 2006, she founded Telsey Advisory Group and she now combines television apparitions with being an independent analyst.